Wireless Portable Night Vision Camera for your Smartphone

Give your mobile devices the ability to see and capture the world in total darkness and reveal hidden things not visible at light.


Snooperscope™ is a special wireless invention that, by using your mobile device as a screen and the infrared light as a source, enables you to see in low light conditions and in total darkness. Plus, under visible light, it reveals hidden things that normally cannot be seen by the human eye.

By employing special optics, the user can see in the area covered by the light even though the naked eye only detects total darkness.

A number of more practical applications have been developed with the Snooperscope™ because of its ability to peer through any opaque material that infrared rays can pass through.

Snooperscope™ is a great gift for photographers, filmmakers, hunters, wildlife observers, etc.


Snooperscope™ is perfect for professional and personal applications, like:

  • night vision
  • to see in dark places
  • to see through objects like liquids, inks and textiles
  • to see dust and motes in environments
  • for 101 experimental uses
  • ...and for fun.

Snooperscope™ can use different mounts to become a versatile solution in various situations.


Standard thread to use with different mounts: car, wall, bike, tripods etc.

Double magnet, rear and bottom, to attach to: metallic surfaces, helmets, dresses etc.

The magnet will not damage interior components of the smartphone.

Snooperscope™ has a lot of applications and experimental uses



Many colored textiles will appear in different colors; for example, some black or red textiles will appear white when viewed with the Snooperscope™, while others appear very dark.



Some objects appear opaque in daylight, but with Snooperscope™ they are transparent!



... and lot others.

Snooperscope™ App and Features


Snooperscope™ comes with both iOS and Android Apps.

Runs through a Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connection, meaning it's protected with a secure video feed, uses H.264 video compression, and it has its own on-board power battery that provides up to 4 hours of active use. That means you don’t have to limit where you go or what you do because of a cord tethering you to one place – and it also won’t drain the battery in your mobile device.